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Hotel 626 Level 7 Code

hotel 626 level 7 code

    level 7
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  • Level 7 is a 1959 science fiction novel by the American writer Mordecai Roshwald. It is told from the first person perspective (diary) of a modern soldier X-127 living in the underground military complex Level 7, where he was expected to reside permanently, fulfilling the role of commanding his

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Level 7: Blast Deflector From Above

Level 7: Blast Deflector From Above

The bottom of the launch duct, viewed from maintenance panels on level 7. This is the view from directly below the missile.
One of the early prototypes of the Titan II failed catastrophically during a test due to the massive amount of sound produced by the engines. To remedy this, a system of water jets was installed to dampen some of the noise. Two of the four water jets, each pumping 9,000 gallons of water per minute are visible above the blast deflector. The missile propellant itself does not produce smoke; the visible component of the exhaust at launch is actually steam produced from this water.

The Titan Missile Museum is located in a decommissioned Titan II missile complex just south of Tucson, Arizona. At over 100 feet tall, the Titan II was the largest ICBM ever deployed by the United States. We got the opportunity to take a comprehensive tour of the facility covering all eight levels of the underground silo.



My AFF L7 in Hibaldstow - June 2010

Not the tidiest exit (kick!), a decent tumble recovery, spooned like a good 'un through the turns, a track I very much enjoyed and a narky pull. I know it's not poetry but it makes me smile watching it.

I continue to have mixed emotions about jumping and time will tell whether I go back.

No sound by the way. If you've got something on the background, make it rock!!
Many many thanks to Southy - Chris Southworth - and Dave Head for all the coaching and more.

hotel 626 level 7 code

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